Slough Synchro Academy

New for 2019, we have introduced a non-competitive development squad called the Slough Synchro Academy. This is the ideal route into synchronized skating without the worry of competitions whilst you are developing your skills and abilities. Each week our academy members are introduced to the elements of synchronized skating and are able to practice the essentials holds; shoulder hold, hand-hold and basketweave hold as well as starting work on the various elements, stationary and moving wheels, circles, pass-throughs etc

When does the academy run? 

Academy takes place each Thursday from 5.45pm – 6.30pm.  Academy members are welcome to stay, off-ice, to watch the competitive teams skate. 

What is the cost? 


The cost is £43 per month, (45 minutes per week), payable monthly in advance.  

Is there a joining fee? 


There is a one-off payment of £10 which will be payment for a club t-shirt. 


Is there any other uniform? 


Club fleece jackets are optional.  These can be purchased for £25 each. 


Do you have to be selected to join the Academy? 


The Academy is a non-competitive training group so everybody who joins will learn synchro skills in a group session. 


What will be taught at the Academy? 


Academy will teach the basics and drills to improve skating and overall synchro knowledge.  The coaches may decide to devise a short programme for the Academy to get the skaters used to skating the elements in this scenario. 


Will Academy skaters perform and/or take part in competitions? 

It is possible that a short programme may be taught to perform at a Christmas Show/Gala during the year – however, this will be subject to the ice rink management approval. 

It may be that individual skaters progress well enough to be invited to try out for one of the competitive teams during the season. However, this will be at the discretion of our coaches, and discussions with the individuals concerned will be held to inform them of the implications of skating with a team including commitment, finance etc.