Our Coaches And Choreographers - Ryan Sowter and Daniella Alessi.

Ryan started skating back in 2004 at the age of 10 and began competing after just one year of skating.

He competed in solo dance for four years and became a bronze and silver medalist. He then went to couples in which he was selected for the GB squad, winning the novice British with Laura Kerr in 2011. Before this Ryan competed for GB with Charlotte Hester and competed at junior level at the Tallinn trophy in Estonia, bringing back a bronze medal.

He began coaching at 16 as an assistant coach and then went on to become a full time level two in 2010 on his 18th birthday. Since then Ryan has concentrated on coaching his many competitors and medalists in dance and synchro. 

He is the head coach and choreographer for all three teams - the Adult team, the Senior B team,  Preliminary teams along with our non-competitive development squad, Slough Synchro Academy. Ryan has held this position since 2012. He is supported by Daniella Alessi.

Ryan has also been coaching members of SPICE, Special People on Ice since 2008. He has supported and developed SPICE over these years.